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The Sun and The Moon and The Stars

Even if the skies are still dark outside, the chances are there you’ll see the moon. And in case you like the warm sun only, only watch the first video. Sunrise in the Algerian Desert (Ahaggar National Park) A year of moon in 2.5 minutes. Full Moon Silhouettes from Mark Gee on Vimeo. Moonrise over […]

February 15th 2013: close flyby of Asteroid 2012 DA14

Asteroid 2012 DA14 will have a very close flyby on February 15th 2013. Image credit: La Sagra/ESA 2012 DA14 is an asteroid that was discovered last year by astronomers at the Spanish Observatorio Astronómico de La Sagra, after it already had flown by. It was calculated that 2012 DA14 would return to earth and pass […]

11.8.11 : 2005 YU55

Ever heard of 2005 YU55? It’s a huge asteroid with his 400 meters in diameter …. and on 8 November 2011 at 23:28 UT, that asteroid will safely pass within 0.85 lunar distance of the Earth. It should be even visible with binoculars. Keep an eye on or for more details about 2005 […]