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Google+ Pictures for Friday, 20.01.2012

FRIDAY * #FidoFriday by +Wes Lum , +mel peifer & +Lisa Lisa * #ForestFriday by +Rudolf Vl?ek * #FoodFriday by +Lucretia Yeh, +Bobbi Lance & +Charles Lupica * #FlowingWaterFriday by +Rolf Hicker & +Kate Church * #FloralFriday by +Tamara Pruessner

Google+ Pictures for Wednesday, 18.01.2012

WEDNESDAY Sun after the storm * #WindowWednesday by +Jason Kowing & +Jules Hunter Bergstrasse, Germany – Click picture of XLSize * #TravelPanoWednesday by +Rolf Hicker And if you really don’t know what … Closeup of a candle * #WhateverWednesday! by +Cicely Robin Laing

Google+ Pictures for Tuesday, 17.01.2012

TUESDAY * #TreeTuesday by Christina Lawrie * #TransportTuesday by +Gene Bowker, +Joe Paul , +Mike Masin , +Steve Boyko and +Michael Earley * #BokehTuesday by +Bob Baxley * #SeaTuesday by +Julia Anna Gospodarou * #GrassTuesday by +Ray Bilcliff and +Marilou Aballe