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Comet 2013 A1 encounters Mars

No, it’s not comet PanStarrs. But another comet is flying across the sky and chances are it might hit Mars in October 2014. It’s Comet 2013 A1. Chances are 1:2000 that it hits, say current calculations. The diameter of the comets’ nucleus is between 1-3km, and this big rock is travelling with about 56km/s, very […]

Online maps for satellites, trains, planes and boats

I found 4 very useful websites which can show you where the planes, trains, satellites and boats are going, real-time. Here’s where you can find ’em: * * * Dutch railways (spoorkaart) And the most interesting one; especially with the sats going down randomly at the moment (UARS, ROSAT): * live real […]