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Flamy January

While the sun, overwhelming present and even warm is setting in the west… The shadow of the earth starts to colour the top part of the clouds dark, but the lower flares are lit up in gold by the setting sun. Wow, what a day :) Share:


With a nice and sunny 17 degrees it is hard to believe winter is slowly moving in. However, with the ice that was on the cars and the roads last week it’s slowly getting to that time again. On top of that the change from summertime to wintertime; dark before 6 o’clock already all of […]


Again, more autumn because it is just absolutely beautiful to see the contrastful colors wherever you go. I was cruising over the Autobahn and amazed to see all these colors. It makes standing in a trafficjam even more worth the time :) The whole treecolor spectrum; from green, yellow to orange and red. And the […]

Schloss Holyhill

Autumn is kicking in, and where first the fish and dragonflies were hovering between the little frogs in the water, all colors we see now are from fallen leaves. No more carps. The giant Sequoia is said to be one of Germany’s biggest ones. I’m thinking of subscribing it to the big tree database, so […]