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And yet another earthquake at Darmstadt: M2.6

Although we had a short discussion what it exactly was, I kind of knew it was yet another one and guessed it was around M2.5 Then, on Twitter, the first reactions and discussions, some people nearby didn’t feel it, some did. Also at work some people were aware of it, some weren’t. Only a few […]

Another Earthquake near Darmstadt, a 4.1 this time!

Another month, another earthquake near Darmstadt. Waiting for the big one now. We both registered it differently, Jr. said the ground was rumbling and going up and down for a few seconds, including a low vibrating sound. I thought a truck drove by and went through a bump, then realized that where we were there […]

Earthquakes in Darmstadt, Hesse, Germany and all over the world

If you want to see what’s moving and rocking around you, live, then I recommend the famous USGS website: Or follow “Earthquakes Tsunamis”; @NewEarthquake on Twitter. With the recent bigger earthquakes near Sumatra, Indonesia and Mexico (11/04/2012) I was wondering if the amount of (larger) earthquakes was increasing, and what chances there are we feel […]