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And on the 3rd day of Christmas, it will snow!

We had to wait for the day after Christmas to get some snow. But when the snowstorm hit us, it hit us well. And, even better, the day after the weather was sunny and we felt like we were on holiday. Oh, well, it’s just our backyard. We’re spoiled :) As always, we disappeared with […]

The first ride

in 2012 was due. With Jr and horse full of fresh energy and power that needed to be ‘let out’. Just like a tire with overpressure, it was time to go for a 7km, 1 hour bikeride with Jr and horse. The forest was full of beautiful roads; one better than the other, but Horse […]

Learning with Horses: On the way back

What I’ve learned, so far, from my MPL teachers who were with Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling…. It is amazing to see the insight they have got in horses and their behaviour. They react or don’t react when appropriate and you *do* see the horse knows that. The whole language, without words, can fill books within seconds. […]