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a Round Again

And it was confirmed again today: Mistakes turn as big as you allow them to become. In other words: If you are afraid that something bad will happen, it will happen. So expect nothing, and it will be better than you could wish. That differs the realist from the pessimist and the optimist. It’s your […]

How to be happy: A longer but even more effective HOWTO.

… as long as you do take the effort yourself… Via

The first ride

in 2012 was due. With Jr and horse full of fresh energy and power that needed to be ‘let out’. Just like a tire with overpressure, it was time to go for a 7km, 1 hour bikeride with Jr and horse. The forest was full of beautiful roads; one better than the other, but Horse […]

Autumn madness

Not only madness, but also the stunning sunset, great company and the possibility to capture it all made today complete. Add to that the distraction and sensibility one gets when observing these things and it all went so much better. Inhaling nature 120%. While testing my “camera” with Camera360 I happened to be at the […]