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2014 FIFA Worldcup Football: Italy – Uruguay: 0 – 1

“The teeth of God”?

Recipe for Filet Americain

As there was a distinctive lack of Filet Americain in Germany, I decided to make this dutch delicacy myself. And it’s easier than I thought! Needed: * ca. 150/200g of prime beef / steak * 1 big spoonful of Mayonnaise * 2 big spoonful of Curry Gewürz Ketchup (spicy) * 1 teaspoon full of freshly […]

Federweisser, Federroter, Roter Sausser or Roter Rauscher

Ever heard of the above names? Probably not. They’re the young, local wines here in the german Bergstrasse area. They come in white (“Federweisser”), red (“Federroter/Roter Sausser/Roter Rauscher”) and a combination of these 2; Rose. They’re also to be found elsewhere (as on these bottles can be seen). The name comes from the yeast (Hefe) […]

Salade Mediterrannée

A quick howto for a tasty salad. Tastes great as a stand-alone salad for the evening (due to the hughe amount of garlic being used ;) A heavy dry rosé (spanish) or tasty strong dry rubin red wine (Shiraz) tastes fine with it. What you need: For the Vinaigrette: * A big lump of fresh […]