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Educational space

Via Google+ I got mentioned that this might be a very interesting “spacetool” about our solar system to play with. And it absolutely is! Click the image or follow this link to to play with our Solar System. This week (as you can see in the above image); Saturn is exactly “behind” the Earth […]

A collection of space videos

.. as tonight was another night that we could see sunspots on the sun with “naked” eyes (digital camera with zoom, nothing more) .. and Jr. got interested. Timelapse videos from the Namibian desert at night. A beautiful milky way among other pearls in the sky. The view on earth, cities and streets with their […]

Asteroid, comet, meteoroid, meteor or meteorite?

This morning someone on g+ mentioned the Meteorite 2005 YU 55.. Well, uhm… I’m glad 2005 YU 55 is not a Meteorite. With 400m in diameter it is much larger than the Tunguska Meteorite or Comet that hit earth in 1908 and caused already an enormous blast. You can describe 2005 YU 55 as Asteroid, […]