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Sunset tour around snowy Burg Frankenstein

As we’re on the border of the Rheingraben here, we’ve got quite some high hill peeking out either over the fog in the winter, or catching the snow that doesn’t want to stay in lower regions. And there’s nothing better to end the week than driving uphill to enjoy the latest sunsets that we’ll be […]

And on the 3rd day of Christmas, it will snow!

We had to wait for the day after Christmas to get some snow. But when the snowstorm hit us, it hit us well. And, even better, the day after the weather was sunny and we felt like we were on holiday. Oh, well, it’s just our backyard. We’re spoiled :) As always, we disappeared with […]

The things the snow brings …

aren’t that bad at all :) Jr gets to get to school with his sledge (which carries his backpack and sometimes his mom for fun and showing off) The streets get cleaned by these big monsters – or otherwise the cute little “VW Kaefer Schneepflug” And all we can do for now is watch how […]