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Learning with Horses: On the way back

What I’ve learned, so far, from my MPL teachers who were with Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling….

It is amazing to see the insight they have got in horses and their behaviour. They react or don’t react when appropriate and you *do* see the horse knows that. The whole language, without words, can fill books within seconds. And you see the horse understands and respects it, tests it sometimes, but it just always works.

Although I’ve spent over half my life with horses, always different than “normal” people have done, I found out many things about these wonderful creatures.
One of them is that I’ve got a lot, a big lot to learn. I’ve got to forget about even more.
It’s forgetting standard behaviour and going back to your roots, from where the love for horses all started with.
And that’s a long way back on the path of life, but only by taking that way, it will bring you further, back to the path with horses.

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And my greatest and toughest mentor, who’s always the red line in my life: Sharmenta


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