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Again, more autumn because it is just absolutely beautiful to see the contrastful colors wherever you go. I was cruising over the Autobahn and amazed to see all these colors. It makes standing in a trafficjam even more worth the time :)

The whole treecolor spectrum; from green, yellow to orange and red. And the brown ones were on the ground already.

Somewhere on the Autobahn A5, between Heidelberg & Frankfurt.

This Black Poplar decided to turn yellow all by his own. Great contrast with the blue sky with white clouds in the background.

With the higher humidity and the colder days the skies are full of foggy clouds..

.. which remain until the sun sets.

Melibokus clouds fog
These days it happens quite often that the lower area is covered in a layer of fog; whereas the higher areas are above the fog. The colder it gets, the more extreme it gets. Here an example of this thick layer which ends just below 300m. At the middle-left Schloss Auerbach can be seen (349m high). The picture is taken from the “Melicam”, the webcam on top of the hill Melibokus (517m).

Hm, I must get out again to explore the hills and their colors, before they’re all gone and turned darkbrown again!


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