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Auto & Technik Museum Sinsheim

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The real planes, trains and automobil musea “Technik Museum” are located in Speyer and Sinsheim.

Both are not too far away from where we live, so they’re worth a visit when you’re around.

In my opinion, it’s not really a museum, but more a collection of precious little and big items, which all together create a whole experience, filled with world- and German history.

What I particularly find very interesting is the great amount of Russian vehicles, they’re so tough, big and seemingly rock solid.

The Concorde and the Concordski
If you are driving on the Autobahn A6 from Heidelberg to Nürnberg, you will drive past Sinsheim. On the left side you will see 2 bright white planes: the French/British Concorde and the Russian Tupulev, also called “Concordski”.
Both are accessible; parts are cut out to so multiple people can visit the cockpit up in the top. There are quite often waiting queues but they are gone quite fast.
Be aware that you might feel dizzy once in the planes as they are narrow and placed in an angle.

The Concorde F-BVFB from Air France and the view into the cockpit.

The Concordski (Tupolev Tu-144 (NATO name: “Charger”)
has got a similar bent nose with sidewings. The cockpit however consists of many more big buttons to press, it almost gives you a “James Bond” feeling.

On the area itself it is full of small corners, filled up with all kinds of trains, plains, rockets and trucks. You will need to search for them; sometimes they are only accessible via the stairs in a corner of one of the 2 big halls.

Some more exotics are located inside the 2 big halls, like e.g. this “Apollo Lunar Roving Vehicle

The Back to the Future DeLorean DMC-12 – with nuclear fuel?

A bit more than a normal Citroen 2CV, used for dragracing :)

Here is another very special item: Hitlers armored Mercedes 770K-150W Cabrio.
This car was delivered to the “Reichskanzler” in 1938. The vehicle is equipped with an armored floor as protection against mines, thick bullet proof glass and armour plates in the doors. There is no possibility to protect the hood. Hitler, who should be protected with these efforts, was only secure below the belt.

Some other great oldies:

Only 72 vehicles of the Mercedes G4 have been produced between 1933 and 1939. Originally it was assumed as a car for the Army General Staff. Most of them were instead of this used for the Leaders of the Third Reich. One car was given as a present to the italian dictator Benito Mussolini, another one was given to General Franco in 1940 after the victory over France.
It is equipped with an 540K engine without supercharger. The 8-cylinder engine develops an output of 115BHP. The three axle vehicle is moved through a geared tandem rear axle. It has two transmissions, a 5 speed gearbox for the road and a speed reduction gear for off-roud tours. This historically valuable vehicle was use by Nazi leaders during the occupation of Austria and Czechoslovakia. After the war it was modified into a fire fighting vehicle. The car was then rebuilt into the original vresion and is now presented to the public due to the efforts of a patron of the museum.

I’m not a big fan of Mercedes; but here are a few more:

Mercedes 300SL

Mercedes SLR 722GT, built/modified by the RML Group for the SLR Club Trophy.

But to make things right, here’s one of my favorites :)

There is also a whole ‘lane’ of F1 cars; from old to new.

And sometimes fans from cars, oldtimers or bikes will use the Museum parkingplace as a place to meet and greet. We happened to find this “Dutch” Trabant there :)

You can spend a whole rainy day at one of these 2 musea, it’s well worth it. Add to that the IMAX 3D cinema with new movies every 1-2 hours and the small but doable restaurant, and you’ve got a good day out with your family and kids.

All pictures can be seen here



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