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The very first time “online”

Today was a day with a lot of new things.
First of all there was this woman in the field I didn’t know. Together with my human and mom she had my moms feet up and cut bits off. She seemed to be relieved to walk again. Then Musheera went. Then Cheyenne, my “big aunt” did get to do exactly the same. And me?
Well, I shouldn’t have thought so loud, cos since I got my halter on from the very beginning I could have known there was something going on. Normally this means we’re going out so I was cooperating a lot, standing still and waiting until I got my halter on. But then, I also got picked up and the woman with the black hair was sitting on one side, my human on the other side, holding me on my halter. They discussed about my feet – and how they’ve grown. They looked good, however they expected things to break of as the “filly part” could break off my hoof at the front side. The woman with the black hair adviced to start with picking up hoofs and cleaning them. Well.. that’s been done with me since I was able to stand, so I’m used to that.
After I got released I was up in the other field, and I had to have a good look at a black and white looking creature on four legs as well, which was following me. I tried to let it come to me, but it wasn’t allowed to play with me from the creature. Pity – I felt like I could give it a try, as I’ve seen it quite a few times.

Shortly after I knew I was up to. The halter was on already, which normally means we’re going out. I was however very surprised that I got another line through the halter. I couldn’t go where I wanted to go, I couldn’t stay behind where I wanted to sniff and eat. I had to follow. First I allowed it, not being able to wait to get into my favorite running field. no1

But, the first second I noticed I couldn’t stop where I wanted to I showed signs of “not going there”. My human tried to convince me by first turning me left, then right, then walking a circle around me. However, I preferred to stay behind mom.. and then my mom walked a step forward so I did have not have a choice. And then.. The second I made one step forward, I didn’t feel the halter anymore! What a relief!

right again right again
trying to go left but mom got asked to help out too
left2 rope
and mom convinced me – a difference in the ‘rope’ being held – it’s loose.

Another try to stay behind – but still no chance. The second I moved one step forward I got all the pressure taken away – see the 4th pic.

pull1 pull2 pull 3 pull4 and release

As I am still not conviced that this is what is supposed to be, I tried it another time. This time using my mom as a “shield”. She would show me what I should do, isn’t it?
goodboy1 follow1
Break and struggle
Hiding behind mom
hiding behind mom

However, mom got asked to step forwards, so I was left over to my own devices
mom gone
So I got a line behind my bum to not be able to backup anymore.
backup impossible

A bit further down the road I got the message. Do not walk behind, walk aside. It seemed easier as I thought so I did my very best. And then I had to stop.. my little human ran in front of me and stood still. Now, this was interesting, what did he want?
Pretty clear – wait and give my mom all she deserved, although she wasn’t very sure yet
big kiss for mommy

So this is me with my mom, on the road for the very first time on a line. Tell me what you think I’m behaving :) 1st time 1st time
My human said she’s very happy with me, as she’s heard stories of my lookalikes, young stallions, being a lot more unhandable than I am. Well, I prefer to keep my relationships up – even neigh happy when my humans show up. Isn’t that normal then?

A bit further down the field I was released so I could go for a run. My little human was on my moms back so I had to check wat it all was about first.

I could then go for my default run around the fields

run drink

and a drink afterwards – although I’m getting a bit taller now.

Ow well.. the running around in the field got me all frisky.

I even decided to be in a try-out-mood today. It’s even visible in the little sparkle in my eyes
evil eye
The little human tried to grab my halter which I did not really appreciate, I tried to show him what he was doing to me. My bigger human then did the same with me, but as I was in an evil mood already I swung my front legs on her shoulder. Well, I shouldn’t have done that. As she had my halter – and I put her out of balance, we both landed on the ground. My big and little human then returned to me while I was trying to be somewhere under my mom and asked exactly the same. Apperantly I only had to move right and left hen I was asked to do so on my halter, and stand still while they put a finger in my mouth. And I wasn’t allowed to bite nor nibble ..
I was competely overwhelmed and did exactly that what they asked. On the way back over the street I was put online and followed without any problems. My human said it was incredible, as it was only the 5th time I got my halter on – and already following very nicely. I can’t tell, don’t have any experience in this at all.

Once back in the field it was troff time. Before I got to get my stuff, I first got to show my little one I didn’t mean any bad to him. Fortunately he was completely happy lifting this big black thin on my back

I just don’t know why they said “saddle” to it, whatever that might be.

After all that, I got to eat some and hey – they presented it to me in a very strange way. Probably cos I gotto learn something. However, the perspective looks promising
perspective 1 perspective 2

Author note: Great thanks to the photographer- only 6 years old – he seems so see just that what matters!


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