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Talk with your heart, not with your money.

Ever compared the dressage/jumping and racing “sport” horses against the ones living their lives free on the prairies?
Does it look anything similar? But what are we looking for then in ‘our horses’?

This is the way we work with our horses; they teach us and allow us to practice with them, to work towards a proud, emotionally stable, healthy, selfbalanced and therefor happy and reliable horse. This most of the times will set your thoughts and deeds in a different perspective as well.

As you can see in this video, horses are perfectly able to do all what ‘dressage’ asks, without any force or tools. In the end, all they want is honesty and openness. For many people difficult, if they’re not willing to change theirselves and become what they really are.

If you want to know more: visit (german)
or look here for an impression of our trainingsessions

MPL Zentrum, Maria-Einsiedel, Gernsheim, Germany


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