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Corse 2017/07/21 – day 6 : Across landscapes

This morning started nice. Like, as in, someone returning way too late and then saying he’s off again. Well, no. And then it was only just after 12.. at night.
So later in the morning it didn’t turn to much more positivity. So mom was ‘mean’ and decided to move on, away from this camping, to the next one, were a lot more of “nothing” could be done just like what was wanted for and aimed at: “doing nothing”.
There’s not much worse than a bad night sleep and being continued with grumpy puberty moods swinging in and out.
After a demanding 2 hours, the pitch was finally cleared and then Jr could do whatever he wanted. So he was off to the volleyball pitch where he wanted to go way earlier. And mom went to the reception to pay.
We first went down south to just before Porto-Vecchio; then up to the mountains via a rather farmland road through some villages, also stuck behind a German van which didn’t seem t find it’s third gear. BUt then, at a T crossing we were free to g uphill with the tank, up to the Lac d’Ospedale.
Halfway we had to stop to enjoy the panoramic view. Even better were the guys from the firefighters up in their cabine watching over the roads and giggling over some internet videos and other stuff they were sharing.
From the Panoramic we went via the Lac d’Ospedale over a more and more known road down north to the camping “La Riviere”; near Zonza. And after the fantastic roundabout and 24 turns we finally went uphill; . This time we had a place even closer to the river, and higher on the hill. THe view: priceless; as it didn’t leave any mankind constructions between the forest, the river and us. Absolutely fantastic, yet again.
Later in the evening I went down and saw the people gathering around the dinnertables and the BBQs that were ready and n fire for own brought meat. It was cosy and yet private enough to entertain.
Sunset was quick, and shortly after 2100 it was dark. The skies here are however filled with stars, as far as one can see them through the many trees up here. Yes, we got lucky to have found yet another place with much shadow and yet enough place fr tent, car and hammock.

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