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Corse 2017/07/19 – day 4 : Modern Monastery

Today was another early wake up; to get breakfast in in time. And after that? Some training. Serrada Escrima it was; trying out some of the freeflow exercises and that worked out pretty well: Noone got hurt (that much)
Late in the afternoon I decided to go up to the Spar to get water (it isn’t really drinkable here), but beforehand I wanted to see some of the little village above Solenzara: Sari.

Around 500m before the entrance of the village there’s a parking lot and a plate mentioning a monastery, around 2km away from the parking lot. That sounded like a nice invite to stop and discover.
The road quickly changed into a green shade with bumps and bits; with a beautiful view over the valley below.
And on the other side the Aguilles de Bavilla were watching over the area. What an immense view over those rocks that have withstand so much testing by weather and climate.
Just behind the Monastery the road continued with a few options, to go either over the hill, or go down to the beach or the village. Still having got something to buy for this evening’s dinner I quickly returned the same way (smething I preferably don’t do), this time it showed me another beautiful view of the area as the sun had set. Thankfully I was still in time to drive all the way downhill and to get to the Supermarket in time.

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