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Corse 2017/07/17 – day 2 : Sea, Sand, River and sun

It was 06:15 and we just got woken up by the ship announcement that breakfast was being served.

It was still dark outside! Until we opened up the curtains: A soft glow was visible and remotely a few islands could be seen.

Jr walked out the other direction and he saw Corsica, we were just in front of Sisco. Just another hour and we would be there!

But first: Coffee!

We had time to get some breakfast and a some time to quietly wake up while we were staring at the Isle de Beaute that approached quick.

Another Corsica Ferries ship was in front of us, entinering the harbor of Bastia when the Pilote ship came by to enter our ship. Amazing how the guy just jumped ship and climbed inside the Mega Smeralda. 10 minutes later we were asked to prepare and go down towards the car decks.

We were quite in front of everyone and could get into our car without problems.

And, the yellow Corsica Ferries sticker for 2017 was on <3 Once on Bastia we took the long straight road down south, it's surface was pretty much renewed on many places. We stopped to get some refreshments and food for tonight; then continued down the route towards the first camping we would have a stop at: Cote de Nacres in Solaro, near Sari-Solenzara. It's a camping next to the river and at the beach near the sea. We arrived shortly before 11 but unfortunately all places at the sea were already taken. We then found a very nice shady place underneath the eucalyptus trees and setup tent, table and seats. Jr went out to the sea and swam until late, I was getting stuff a bit organized and some well deserved rest. The long drive and the short nights had tired me out quite a lot. Late in the evening we went to the beach together and got us a pizza which we ate on the beach while the sun was setting fast. The interesting view was the shadow of the earth which appeared to be not round as usual: It was higher due to the mountains behind us. And shortly after, we only had the stars, planets and satellites hovering over us. Overview:
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