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A hike through the Knoblochsaue (also known as Kühkopf)

Another day, yet another trip. After the hilly Odenwald hikes over the weekend and yesterday, today was a “flat one” on the list.

Still, with about 18km (post-calculated) it was quite a long walk. I normally cycle this one, but in these days, with slippery wet roads it was good enough to walk.

One of the first things we noticed were the mistletoe on almost every tree. They were however mainly on poplars, and none of the oak trees had them. They are a parasite, living on trees, and when there are too many, the tree might just die, or fall over due to the weight.

Additionally to that, the berries and leaves are poisonous. And yes, these are the plants that allow you to kiss the person next to you when you both stand underneath it. Pretty interesting if you know what these parasites really are.

The flat and bit curvy roads, sidelined by various trees. In a few months, there will be wild garlic growing everywhere, with white blossom and somehow .. an interesting smell.

The ‘wetlands’, covered in a grey/champagne colour, surrounded by poplars with mistletoe in them.

The -in the netherlands famous- pollard willows, here the uncut version.

One of the famous landmarks: you’re getting closer to the Rhine river. In the far distance to the right one sees the poplars which line up to the river.

But before that, we ran into a fox, hunting. We could admire his nice dark orange coat and the black fluffy ear tips which were scanning it’s nearby surroundings. He/she was so concentrated that he didn’t see us until we were really close.

Finally, the water, where the grey clouds and the atmosphere indicated only one thing: rain.

Watching south, towards Biblis

And a doggy in her element. Lots of lovely smelling bits and water to cool down.

Further down the track, at the part that goes parallel with the old Rhine track, there are 2 observation huts which are a great refuge, not only for the rain, but also to see all kinds of creatures walking around.

(click to enlarge panorama)

And then, all of a sudden, 2 roe deer, quite round, probably ready to give birth walked by at the other side of the mud puddle. Can you spot them?

From here on it started to rain even heavier, and we were trying our best to not slip over the wet road with big holes dug into it.

Just before the parking place, the rain stopped and I could take some more pictures of remarkable animals: The coypu also known as the river rat or nutria. They are like a crossing between a beaver and a rat, with a rat-like tail and beaver-like orange teeth. I got to know them as pretty aggressive rodents, wouldn’t like to have yet another close encounter with them.

For the rest of the water animals, they seemed to be fine company though.
Glad we reached our destination, it was quite a walk. A lovely one though.


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