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Runde Jugenheim – Steigerts – Kuralpe – Jugenheim

Another trip through the Vorderer Odenwald, the north east part of the Odenwald.

It is one of the many rounds around the hills we can walk from here. The best thing: You won’t see someone else for many kilometers.

The weather was half-sunny, quite windy but very warm for end of February, 13 degrees.

We went through the “Bannwald”, east of the Ruine Tannenburg, past the Sophienhütte towards Ober-Beerbach.

Quite a climb.

But the view downhill is even more fantastic if you see how much further one can watch.

Almost at the top. Well. One of the many hilltops.

Furry friends that don’t agree with each other if they can play or not. Probably, preferably not, they’re not talking the same language :)

A fantastic little “Fundstück”: A Citroën 2CV, one of the latest models, unfortunately it doesn’t look like this one can still drive.

The “heights” behind Steigerts, going down to the Kuralpe again. Very windy, with a view to Neunkirchner Höhe, 605m over sealevel and the highest point of the Vorderer Odenwald.

Cut down tree + “You can’t climb that tree, it’s way too high” + puber == Motivation++

A last view towards the hill which has got Burg Frankenstein at the other side, towards the north. A steep downhill descend and an icecream at a crowded Eiscafé Natale as ‘dessert’ before landing home and getting ready to go to the horses again ;)


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