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Walk from Jugenheim to Balkhausen (and we got lost)

Today we had a birthday to celebrate. And it was hard work ;) Especially because we decided to walk there, and back again.

giant sequoia schloss heiligenberg, jugenheim

giant sequoia schloss heiligenberg, jugenheim

It was a great walk with beautiful weather. We walked by one of Hessens tallest trees, the Giant Sequoia near Schloss Heiligenberg. Planted there over a century ago, it has grown a lot, but noone exactly knows how high it is these days.

The view on Schloss Heiligenberg when one takes the road to Hotel Brandhof. Two more Giant Sequoia’s standing next to it, but none as high as the one near the pond.

But we, of course, take a different track. It’s the one that’s in between the road to the north side and the south side track around Heiligenberg.

Make sure you’ve got good shoes – It’s very wet despite being at the south side.

The trees are still very empty, so around the end of February.

And the trees near the path are holding on for dear life, giving so much shelter to the little creatures of the forest.

Still, patches of green are visible: Moss is growing wherever it can.

Sun is setting, this won’t be visible anymore though in a few months time. It will be all green.

Bold trees wherever you look, until you’re in a patch of needle wood.

One patch of needle wood, turning everything green but also dark as it doesn’t let any sun through.

Somehow we managed to get lost, that didn’t let the views on the trees down however. Sun really low here, just above the hills, turning everything warm with an orange glow.

The moment you leave the ordinary track and get lost, nature shows it’s wild beauty.

Little ecosystems everywhere

Or maybe just the buffet leftovers from a squirrel?

The last sunlight and the different types of moss turns everything into a miniature beautiful Japanese garden.

Finally we got the track back – after going offroad for a while

Looking back, the sun’s last bits of gold were sprayed on top of the hills.

And our destination for the evening was in sight.

A warm welcome and a taste of what’s going to expect us.

A salad of baby spinach surrounded by an absolutely fantastic cooked St. Jacobs shell

Also the cream soup with a touch of mustard had a St. Jacobs shell delicacy as the center.

And then the creme-de-la-creme of the evening: The entrecote was previously shown ‘as is’, and after a while showed up again, cooked, and prepared (cut) at our table. Only in France I’ve seen food being shown to our table, before it was prepared. Here, in Germany it’ rare. And, for me, it’s a sign of care and even honor when a chef de la cuisine does so.

The .. well. let’s say 1200 grams of Entrecote are sliced – we almost had a fight who gets what. But at the end, we were all so much full, full of yummy tastes, it didn’t matter much anymore. It was a delicacy for all. And with the suggested wines, it was a feast as well. Just as if an angel peed on your tongue.

The end result: Entrecote with oyster mushrooms. I didn’t even eat what was served around it – potatoes, sauce. This delicacy is *over* the top at the Gasthaus Landgraf. Expensive, yes, not for vegans or vegetarians either. But if you’ve got something to celebrate, this is the place to go to!


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