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Walking around Meßbach (Rimdidimstraße)

Today was another day filled with snow and sunlight. We’ve had a week and a half of frost over the nights and in the last few days, the temperature doesn’t go above 0 degrees anymore during daylight. Which means that the snow that fell last weekend is still there :)

So we took off in the Quattro to enjoy the Odenwald. Evading the usual busy areas like Kuralpe and Neunkirchen, we set off to Meßbach.

Thanks to Waze we were redirected into some very “interesting” streets where even our Quattro Panzer couldn’t get through. But soon, we found our way.

We took the road on the sunny side of the valley, which had high hills on the east and south side.

What was very interesting to see: The snow had grown overnight due to the nightly moisture.

It was amazing to see the difference between the different areas.

Parts had sunlight but were still frozen. They were probably high and cold enough to stay snowy.

Then there were parts where the angle towards the slowly rising sun was just right and the snow had melted.

And the ever-shady sides were covered by ‘eternal’ snow.

Loads of animal tracks over this field, zigzagging away.

Despite being almost black and white, there are some colours in between, depending on the angle it has towards the (warm!) sun. But for the rest, the surface defines what the snow looks like.

In a few cases the snow was almost good enough for sledging, but as it varied so much, we didn’t take one with us this time.

Some fields seemed ready to sledge, but when we walked uphill, the snow was very soft and fluffy, which means we would end up having to pull the sledge downhill.

Some of the contrasts with the warm sun, the black, empty trees and the white fields were just stunning

On our way back we run “into” this lovely cow, indicating that there’s a raw milk ‘gas-station’ here. There are quite a few “Milchtankstellen” here in the Odenwald and around and the raw milk you can get there for very reasonable prices tastes very nice. That is, if your stomach can handle it. It’s very fat but sweet and it has a very distinguishable taste. You love it or you’ll hate it.

Further on our way back we saw Schloss Lichtenberg in all it’s glory. That I had to drive cross country to return to the main street I won’t mention here.

The road back via Neutsch & the Hützelstraße towards Ober-Beerbach – these windmills are even visible from Gernsheim and have become a distinctive landmark – day and night. At least it’s a sustainable way of gathering energy.

Something we did get today as well – solar powered!


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