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A walk through the white Odenwald

Despite multiple snowstorms being promised by weather prediction apps like, it seemed only kachelmannwetter was right: No snow. Just a little bit.

And so we went up in the Odenwald yesterday evening when it finally started to snow, only to see what was up there. And it looked prosperous.

So today we went up for a little walk a bit deeper into the Odenwald. The 2 places where people use to go to for sledging (Kuralpe & Neunkirchner Höhe) were already overwhelmed by families and trafficjams were building up in the morning according to Waze & Google Maps.

So we walked uphill and were overwhelmed by the brightness, the white of the snow, blue of the skies and the sunlight that made it so vivid.

The hills that were sunlit quickly turned green again

Opposite of our valley, the Neunkirchner Höhe was visible in the bright sunlight. Reflecting car windows as they were fighting over parking places. We were glad we didn’t go there this time.

One of the few creatures we saw, next to 4+1 roe deer was this couple of horses. They were quite frightened of our bright orange Unox hats, and once they’d collected enough energy a simple “woooo” was enough to spook them while they were still tenths of metres away. Once we walked up by the corner of their meadow, they were eager and nicely said ‘hello’ – and so did we. Very interesting to see, one older and one younger horse, walking so much in sync.

With the sun coming from the other direction it was a beautiful reflection of the shiny ice crystals in the snow.

Up higher the traces of the field underneath the snow were visible, creating unseen symmetry in a snow white field.

I wasn’t sure if the blue skies, grey/brown-green/white fields were better in colour or in black-and-white. So I took both.

After having been home for a while, in the grey, depressing fog, there was nothing better than to tank sunlight++

Even better when we saw the 5th roe deer crossing the fields. It didn’t go much further until people walked by.

Then some nasty clouds were threatening to come closer, and the sun got even more brighter.

We traced some more animal tracks, do you know which ones you see here?

Not much lower in the valley the snow disappeared and the green reappeared in the Streuobstwiese. Many birds were feeding on the leftovers of apples and other frozen fruits in the snow

And what else but making snowballs and little snowmen in the snow? It must be in the genes..

Last but least: a great laugh: Germans with a sense of humor. Still thinking about how this could be translated into english.
Feuerwehr means Fire department, as in fire defense. But Feierwehr literally means “Defense against parties”. And also, every evening after work the Germans “celebrate” their “Feierabend” which could mean Party Evening, but only means they’re off after work.
So have your guess what they could mean with this “Feierwehr”


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