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Sunset tour around snowy Burg Frankenstein

As we’re on the border of the Rheingraben here, we’ve got quite some high hill peeking out either over the fog in the winter, or catching the snow that doesn’t want to stay in lower regions. And there’s nothing better to end the week than driving uphill to enjoy the latest sunsets that we’ll be getting this year.

This afternoon the sunset was late enough to go to Burg Frankenstein (Frankenstein Castle *) after work while it was still light.

While driving uphill, the temperature dropped from -5 to -8, it got all white around the road and .. I decided to go for the “quattro-only parking”:

The view of the castle while walking up was breathtaking, as almost always

The last sunlight lit up the castle in red, and the old walls in their own grey & yellow colours, the natural colours of the local rocks that can be found here.

From the “balcony” in front of the entrance of the castle, one has a great view of the sunsets, even in winter. In the winter the sun tends to set more south, but despite hills around the Burg, it’s still visible when it goes down.

Burg Frankenstein consists of several towers, the one that’s accessible till the top reveals a great view of the Burg and the area inside the walls.

If only you could imagine how thick these walls are.

The sun starts to set and slowly planet Venus appears, where the Moon is already hiding behind the tower

Venus and Moon visible right and left of the main (accessible) tower

The view towards Frankfurt & Mühltal is not less interesting. Even the towers near Hanau can be seen from here. As there was no wind, the clouds went straight up (visible just right of the tower, next to the 2 trees).

A sunset as if it was painted. Including airplane gold lining

The walls, leftovers as a ruin and the tower, still looking quite OK.

Moon (left) and Venus clearly visible now in the blue hour

With Venus just visible next to the tower, the winter lights went on and gave some more entourage to the whole blue hour in the show.

Because of the cold (-10 in the meanwhile), everything frozen got glitters and became crunchy while walking through

After a while it really got too cold and I got the quattro from his hilly parkingplace. Time to drive down through the white forest

Not very well visible, but the reflectors lit up the track through the darkblue coloured snow underneath an even darker blue sky.

*) Frankenstein Castle (German: Burg Frankenstein) is a hilltop castle in the Odenwald overlooking the city of Darmstadt in Germany. It is alleged that this castle may have been an inspiration for Mary Shelley when she wrote her 1818 Gothic novel Frankenstein.

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