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Happy New Year! Nieuwjaarsduik Scheveningen 2017

Today was the third time we joined the dutch madness: Diving into the North Sea near Scheveningen for the worldfamous New Years Dive at 12 o’clock, sponsored by the sauce and soup factory Unox.

(click to enlarge)

It’s quite easy to join:

* Get there in time and buy a ticket for EU 3,-. Despite long queues they’re well organized and you’ll be through quickly

* Enter the beach at the entrance south (Sea Life Scheveningen) or north (Scheveningen Pier)

* Get a bag with the famous UNOX muts and a “Terugblik”, a can of Unox Snert (pea soup aka erwtensoep)

* Get dressed (or undressed) at the heated tents. The south one is near the Sea Life Center, the north one is near the Pier

* Run out of the heated tent just before 12:00

* Count down to zero and run into the North Sea with 9999 other heroes

* Get cold and wet

* Run back and get dressed again

* Fetch your free soup from the UNOX stands before the exits

Summarized in a 4 minute video:

Tip 1: If you run too fast into the sea, you’ll be facing 9999 others trying to get in while you are trying to get out into the warmth. Take it easy and enjoy!

Tip 2: If the temperature of the sea is above the windchill temperature, it actually feels quite ‘warm’. But once you’re out, you’ll be freezing again.

Where to look for more pictures & info:

UNOX Nieuwjaarsduik website

or on twitter: #nieuwjaarsduik

See you in 2018!


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