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A new earthquake swarm around Darmstadt, October 2016

erdbeben darmstadt oktober 2016

2x Erdbeben Darmstadt am 15. Oktober 2016

So this is what Darmstadt woke up to on October 15th 2016. Not one, but 2 earthquakes. The one in the morning was registered at 5.37 AM as an M2.4, the one in the evening at 18:08 was even an M2.9 , earning a place as 3rd strongest earthquake in Germany of 2016.

A German website ( specialized in earthquakes even talked about a swarm, which seems pretty much the case this time. Again.

Just like in 2014; in a short timeframe many earthquakes were registered. They were a lot smaller though than the ones registered in 2014, but happened quite quick after eachother.

In case you’re curious:
Here’s the current seismograph from the WBB-Seismometer from the HED (Hessischen Erdbebendienstes), located in Darmstadt for the HLUG (Hessischen Landesamt für Umwelt und Geologie)):


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