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A big thank you to my blacksmith

Monday morning, 7 AM. It’s still dark when I wake up. Drive off way too early to the stable for the appointment I got for my 2 horses with the blacksmith. Or, actually, “hoof carer” as I prefer to call him.
With his sarcastic comment, shortly after 7 AM when he arrived, I think that he set something in movement which I just had given up the day before.

So, in return, let me just say something nice about my hoof carer Chris:

* You’re one of the very few in this area that knows what a horses’ hoof should be like
* You’re one of the very few who is natural and lets the horse’s hoof be(come) natural
* You’re one of the very few that knows how to make me smile – even on a Monday morning at 7 AM out in the cold with 2 stroppy, hungry and thus difficult horses

* Your great sense of humour – let me just return that:


Oh, and by the way: I hope you’ll be able to spread your knowledge one day, so many more people can help their own horses, and yes, I’ll be one of the first to subscribe. It’s great work what you do!

In case you want to have more details: Chris works around the North Rhein-Main valley and the Northern part of the Odenwald.

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