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Moon & Envisat spotted in the skies above.

Tonight I tried another set of pictures – with the telescope as well as without from the ESA satellite/zombie Envisat.

The moon almost didn’t fit into one single shot. Yesterday it was much easier to fetch the moon as less than 50% was lit.

And today the former ESA satellite Envisat also came by. Not, as predicted by some apps exactly between bright Moon and Jupiter, but as I found out later, it flew exactly over the moon. That made it pretty invisible as the moon is very bright while being almost 75% illuminated (10 days after new moon).

Due to the 30 second exposures, I had one image which captured a plane flying over

During the photoshoot, I looked up where Envisat currently could be, as I thought I had missed it. The app Satellite AR (Augmented Reality) showed me Envisat being right above me. I looked up and right above me I could see Envisat as an orange dot. Then it all of a sudden even flashed bright orange, so I assume Envisat is rotating/spinning.

When I then looked at the pictures afterwards, I then traced back this similar orange dot. It followed exactly the track that was predicted, it’s also in the direction where I saw it and it had the same color. Could it be Envisat?

Credits: ESA/A. Van Der Geest
Here is Envisat in better times, during it’s integration at ESTEC, the Netherlands, almost 16 years ago.

Source: UniverseToday
And, because there’s magic in space: A picture of the offline Envisat, taken by another earth orbiting satellite, Pleiades.


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