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First moonshot from closeby

Having tried to take pictures from the moon in the past, I now got a real telescope to try with. And it is really not as easy as I thought. Finding the moon was already quite some work. And when you think you finally got the moon in sight and walk for a few minutes away in a lighter area to check and prepare you camera, it’s gone again
The tripod also needs to be standing perfectly balanced, which is quite a struggle when instead of a light camera all of a sudden a big lump with a weight at the back (camera) is put in place.
And last but not least: focus! The sky needs to be very clear, the moon high to get the better results. And a remote control, because the tripod and camera will move once you touch it.

The camera settings were however quite easy to find, a quick preview shows you it’s either too dark or too bright.

So here’s the first one and I hope many more will come. It can only get better!


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