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24 hours in the life of a flight animal, caged in a box.

Snoozing. My neighbour at the right stands up and shakes the dust off. Standing around. Short greeting, nose to nose through the metal bars. Walking around in a circle. Standing around. My neighbour at the left is still sleeping on his side. Standing around. It’s dark. Walking around in a circle. Standing around. She slowly wakes up and snorts loudly. Standing around. Listening.

Standing around. Hoofscratching. The light is now switched on. Standing around. Listening. The oat has been eaten already. Standing around. Disturbances in the stable. Walking around in a circle. The window built so high that I can only see the sky. At least they’ve cleaned it last week. Before that I was unable to see through. Standing around. We’re waiting for the hay. Hoofscratching. But first the manure has to be cleaned. Standing around. Boxdoor open, the stableperson pushes me to the side. Manure is removed, box door closed. Three steps forward, three sideways, shortly threatening the neighbour. Standing around. Waiting. Hoofscratching. Kicking the door, again threatening the neighbour. Standing around. Boxdoor opens, hay gets thrown in, boxdoor closed. Eating.

Standing around. They hay is gone. Standing around. Straw falls from above. It’s dusty. The stableperson has thrown straw into the box of my neighbour at the right. Coughreflex. Standing around. Outside the sky is clear, it’s probably very cold. Standing around. Inside it’s warm, and I am wearing a blanket. Standing around. Recently they’ve shaved off my fur. Standing around. The stableperson cleans the stable. It’s dusty. Standing around. My opposite neighbour still rocks from one leg towards the other. Standing around. Walking around in a circle. Standing around. Listening. Snoozing.

Standing around. Shaking my head. Kicking the box door. The owner of my left neighbour has arrived and taken her out. Standing around. My right neighbour nibbles some straws. Standing around. I’m standing on peat and don’t get straw. My stomach hurts. Walking around in a circle, neighing at my departing neighbour, she doesn’t answer. Standing around. Listening. There are more pople in the stable, walking by with their horses. Walking up and down. Standing around. Awaiting the next meal. Unrest. Hoofscraping. Neighing again.

Standing around. There was oat and again a bit of hay. All gone. Standing around. The stableperson cleaned the stable again. It was dusty. The neighbour is already back. When she came back she rolled in her box, but then her feet hit the side everytime. It happened to me once that I almost got stuck. Since then I don’t roll in my box anymore. Standing around. Short greeting through the metal bars. Standing around. There are no people anymore in the stable. Standing around. Snoozing.

Standing around. Awaiting my owner. Turn around. Standing around. Listening. More and more people arrive. Standing around. Again horses are walked by. Turn around. Standing around. The metal bars block my vision. Standing around. I won’t be going to the field anymore. Standing around. Outside the sky turned cloudy. Standing around. Dogs walk around in the stable. Two play with eachother. Standing around. Walking around in a circle. Standing around.

Standing around. My owner still hasn’t arrived. Standing around. Listening. My neighbour to my right is now taken out. Neighing. Standing around.
Short sniffing with the other neighbour. Turn around. Playing around with the water in the trough. Standing around. Soon there should be a meal again. Unrest. Turning. Hoofscraping. Standing around. Listening.

Food. My owner was there, she cleaned me and rode me in the hall. It was dusty and I had to cough. Therefor I could see other horses without metal bars in between. I could greet and sniff two. For the rest I had to run in a circle. I didn’t exactly understand what she wanted from me, it made her impatient. When she doesn’t sit on me, she’s nicer, scratches me, talks with me and always has something nice to eat. The running around was tiresome, my short fur was completely wet. She put me under a machine which was really hot and I dried quickly. Standing around. The stable cats joined me. When I came back oat and hay had arrived. Threatening the neighbour. Eating.

Standing around. Shaking my head. There are still people in the stable but less. Standing around. All food is gone. Stepping around a bit. Standing around. Sniffing the neighbour through the metal bars. A person walks by and gives a carrot to everyone. Standing around. Snoozing.

Snoozing. It is dark. A few horses nibble their straw. My stomach hurts. Standing around. Some have laid down. Turning around. Standing. Snoozing.

Snoozing. A few rats run over the metal bars. Standing around. Rustling of straw. Snoozing.

Laid down. Sleeping. Snoozing. The air doesn’t smell very well here on the floor. Snoozing. Sleeping.

My stomach hurts. Standing around. Listening. Turn around. Standing around


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