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The Arabian Storm

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I saw this video on a late Friday night, after I couldn’t make up my mind what to watch. Another *crikey* documentary or something which is going around these days so intense, it can’t be overseen, it can’t be overheard:

Refugees. Or worse: ISIS.

It’s a touching, very personal documentary in which Sinan Can visits the Middle East, to find out where the chaos started after the Arabian Spring.
I can’t just stop thinking how hard and brave it is to trace and track those sources.

The Arabian Storm – Sinan Can – via

What an incredible eyeopener this documentary was. After the whole flood of Pegida and all what was “bad” about refugees (did I hear you mention ‘Köln’?), I saw this more or less reliable source researching the source of the “Arabian Spring”.

It’s about kids having no hope in Tunesia after they finish their University. There is no work, they can’t get jobs. What can they do?

Some tend to go to Europe. Holland, Norway, anything where they could find a better life than the ones they’re having right now; wasting their time in the coffee shop. The group in the coffeeshop say it’s either that or become criminals. Which kind of makes sense if you can’t earn money. But there’s another option: Some group is offering “A good job where you can earn a lot of money”.

Syrie The Arabian Storm - Ma Loula - via
Syrian Village Ma Loula – via

The kids have got the choice between “bad” and “evil”. Some of them chose to follow their “Jihad”; and end up somewhere in Libya, Syria where things went from bad to worse. They lose contact with home, leaving desperate parents behind.

Others just take the boat to Italy in an effort to make their lives better. I can only hope that the spoilt European people will understand one day what they’re fighting against. Yes, their countries are throwing bombs in those “bad” countries, to fight the ISIS. But do they even realise what “their own people” are doing against those refugees that try to find a safe home, to avoid that conflict? Those people either have to stay where they are; starve or get bombed, or seek refuge in that country that bombs their homes and even then, they’re not welcome in that new country.

I also do hope that one day, the people that have found a safe heaven here, will be capable to return to their home countries to rebuild what has been left, with hope, knowledge, liberty and love. Those were the things they missed, those were the things that made the fly their homes.

Tunesia, Sidi Bouzid via
Tunesia – Sidi Bouzid – via
Thank you Dutch broadcaster VARA – to show this beautiful-but-so-scary documentary.

My wish is that the people who have their doubts will gain insight in the “roots” of these refugees.
And if you’re still in doubt: If you are a parent: Imagine your kid would just disappear, into the nothingness of Libya, to fight for something he doesn’t even understand.

My wish is that the people that fled their homes will have a chance to recover, so they can back to where they came from. To repair what they’ve seen demolished. To make it their home again.

Drone footage over Homs

After years of war, parts of Homs, Syria, are crumbling and deserted. New drone footage shows the extent of the devastation.

Posted by Channel 4 News on Tuesday, 2 February 2016


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