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Walking around in the Odenwald/Bergstraße: Between Jugenheim and Balkhausen

Let’s start the new year with a first blog with pictures about our walks around the Odenwald and Bergstraße, Germany.

Gallery can be found here

Our first reported trip went from Jugenheim over the slopes just over Alsbach, and from there on we crossed the hill towards the morning sun, direction Balkhausen. Just before we got back we turned towards Schloss Heiligenberg; where the roads appeared to be blocked due to works in the forests.

Our guest? A young Australian Shepherd dog.

The local house cat wasn’t that happy about it

Getting out of the village, into the green. It isn’t far away from where we live. And we love it :)

We went on our trip towards the hills, the fog was still around but it was at least dry.

Even the sun was peeking through the fog, but it was still on the other side of the hills

..which resulted in fabulous light around us and in the forest, through the fog.

Climbing uphill to get above the fog and into the warmer layers.

The higher we got the less fog. But we did almost lost the dog.

Once above the fog the sun was shining bright, and it was really warm.

Not much later we reached the “Darsberghütte“; from here it goes right up towards the top of the Melibokus, or down to the east, towards the little village Balkhausen.

Once on the east side, the temperature raised about 5-7 degrees, to a maximum of 13 degrees, the fog disappeared

And the roads were visible again

We were still wondering where this well was needed for

From here the white antenna over Jugenheim is pretty clearly visible above the fog. Jugenheim itself is around 125m above sealevel, here we were around 175m above sealevel. The difference it makes ;)

We were slowing approaching the fog again

Another snapshot of our lovely visitor

And off further into the woods.

The view towards the sun was again breathtaking and I was not the only one noticing this

The light playing with us, as well as the dog

Lots of other creatures around us in all kinds of colours. You just need to see what’s around us.

Going up towards Schloss Heiligenberg , the Golden Cross and the Mausoleum.

We had a very itchy dog; but due to the humidity and fog it didn’t feel comfortable too. Especially when one came from above the layer of fog, where the temperature was around 7 degrees warmer than in the fog (+12C vs +5C)

The golden cross and the Mausoleum, view from the fields in the west.

View onto the Mausoleum and the Golden Cross near Schloss Heiligenberg; visible in colour over the grey fog

Happy dog and happy Jr.
We’ve walked around 3.5 hours and no matter what, that’s always good!

One of the things learned: “Männchen”. Teaching the dog to stand on his/her hind legs without using its front legs on the person. Well done :)

The whole walk was well over 3 hours, and all of the participants were more than tired after coming home. But how lucky we were with the weather and the temperatures!


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