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Red Nose Horse and the cat.

Can we talk with horses?
No, not in the way we’re used to, like with other people. But we can actually talk with them, non verbal, with only our bodies and posture.
But do you know horses do understand body language very well? As they can’t scream or cry or laugh, they’ve become experts in this silent talk.
This means they can immediately ‘read’ if you’re happy or not, if you’re healthy, and over all; if you say “yes” but actually mean “no”.

Which wondered me, can other species talk with horses? Dogs and horses are often seen together, in the ‘human’ world.

But cats and horses?

When I found my nosy Arabian back, after apparently a short ‘conversation’ with one of the stable cats, he had 4 red stripes over his white nose.
I guess the cat mentioned him (again) to mind his own business ;)