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Pizza Hut?

This morning it was even harder to wake up. When I got pushed (back) to one side, I could only mumble “breakfast” and that was it. By the time my mom was back with the breakfast I had managed to crawl a bit closer to the exit of the tent.
This time we had 2x Pain au Chocolat, 2x Croissants and also a Banette, so we could try it with some of the Marmelades, cheese and Pate we had. We also made the bread for lunch already, and despite I really didn’t want to eat the cheese, my mom told me so. It wasn’t that much different from the Tomme de Pyrenees with the black crust, only this one was from Corsica and didn’t have a black crust.
I really wanted to go to the beach, but my mom said I had to do some different things first. We first did the washing up from last nights dinner and this mornings breakfast, and then I was ready to go. But my mom asked me if I had thought of putting lunch in a box and putting the box in the bag. And how about some water on the beach? Some salt crisps? Towels? I did have my toys together but kind of forgot about the other half. And it took quite a while to organize, but then we were on the road to the beach. It was still before 12!
And when we were there, the waves were huge! I grabbed my air mattress and was off! As it decided to take off with me in the waves as well I was back to fetch my bodyboard instead, and my mom caught me to do the usual sunscreen routine. Minutes later I was back in the sea again and my mom followed with the air mattress. She went all the way up to the pilon and was slowly flowing back on the wind and the waves. About half an hour later I caught up and we went back to the beach together. My mom said she wanted to eat something and so did I. I didn’t get all the Pate de Mousse de Canard and had to eat half of the Tomme de Corse, although I tried to sneak away with the leftover half of the Mousse de Canard.

My mom said she wanted to go back to the camping to get the card for the camera, and I went back into the sea again, this time with my beachball. I caught up with some dutch friends who were happily playing with me and the ball. My mom stayed away for a while and I was kind of worried. So by the time she entered the beach again I was already there. She said she felt kind sunburnt and also had to arrange some bits, so she took a bit of time in the shade.
Not much longer she was already in the sea with me and we played ball for a long time, in deep parts of the lagune, as only there there was no seagrass floating around in the wavy sea.
We played for almost over an hour and it was a lot of fun throwing the ball into the waves, at each other, against the wind, everything to get the ball to the other without throwing straight to the other. One time I went down in a wave and completely missed the ball being thrown on top of me on the wave. It was then caught by the wave and started it’s 100m journey to the beach, if it wasn’t caught by a woman who happened to see the ball going straight to her head.
After about an hour my mom she felt crispy again, even under water, and she went back to the beach. I bravely stayed in and dove in some more waves. When I came back an hour later my mom was again asleep, but she was happy I woke her up. She now was crispy on the other side as well she said and so we went back to the camping, after 6 hours of constant beach and sea.
At the camping I got my very much wanted ice cream, and my mom stayed to ask for a nearby Pizzeria “Au feux du Bois”. She got told there was something near the Super-U as well as near the Bastille, but then she asked if the Pizzeria near the Aeroport was anything good. They all nodded and said “Yes, Pizza Hot”. So my mom got completely confused and asked again: “Pizza hut”? And they said “No, Not”. So my mom asked if it was the international “Pizza Hut” and frowned, then the people at the Reception frowned, laughed, and said “no, not pizzahut! Nothing International!” “Not”, like “Nuit” but then in Italian. Only then my mom understood: ‘Noche / Notte’. And they all laughed. Although it was quite a bit away, they recommended it as “the best Pizza in Calvi”.
I said I wanted to eat bread instead so I stayed at the camping and in the shower while my mom took off to fetch a fresh Pizza.
Not much later she was back and it smelled soooo good. Until she poured the spicy oil on it, then I thought I didn’t want it anymore. But she gave me a slice and it tasted sooo good, I wanted it as well. Tomorrow then. As now I’m off to the football fields again. Tomorrow is going to be a quiet day as we are going to visit a Citadelle on top of the hills behind Calvi as well as a pointy bit of hill next to it, and then walk down the streets of Calvi and the harbor.


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