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Corsica 2015 – overview

This morning I woke up at 9:30 and I went out to get the breakfast. I didn’t even ask my mom, as she was still kind of sleepy. Not much later I came back with the obligational Pain au Chocolat and the Croissants. We were lucky that this time our lot was a lot closer to the Camping entrance with the shop where we could buy our fresh croissants and bread.

Then, somewhere between cleaning up and going to the beach I saw a cat hunting birds. I didn’t expect it to be friendly, but when I sat down in the swing and reached out for him, he came to me and he allowed me to touch him and stroke him. A real cuddly cat. It then disappeared underneath the tent and it inspected our boxes and bags. After it went out again it caught a little lizard, but I could distract the cat so much with a wire it let go of the lizard. The little creature ran off under a tent and I followed it. Until my mom kindly suggested it was a bit strange to crawl around the neighbouring tents..

So after the cleaning up we went to the beach, we did stop at a local shop in between. We bought some fresh fruits and little roma tomatoes for lunch, and a Banetta, a little “baguette” in the shape of a banana. When we found a spot at the beach (empty now because all the locals went out for their lunch) I threw down my towel and ran off into the sea. It was until my mom waved me back that I did get some sunscreen on, but then I disappeared in the waves again. My mom showed up a few times, swam to the yellow pilon and back and then we played ball. My mom threw almost as far as I could, and we were really far away from each other. But we both could aim the ball a few meters away from each other, so we both went into the deeper part and we still managed to throw it quite well aimed. After a while my mom said she was getting crispy and she went back to the beach. I disappeared with bodyboard and then airmatras into the waves and my mom had a little snooze.

After a while, which was much too early for me, she said we were going to the Casino to get our food for the evening and to get out of the sun. On our way to the Casino I asked my mom when she was going to buy new flipflops. But she said hers were still in 1 piece so she didn’t bother buying new ones (we were still walking barefoot there). Strangely enough, she said that that was exactly that what she was thinking of when I asked, and even worse: when she wanted to put them on as we neared the parking lot of the Casino.. they appeared to be ripped apart so she couldn’t wear them anymore. She threw them in the nearest bin and we continued into the Casino.

In the casino I tried to find a place for the air mattress first, as it was way too big to carry along. And then, of course, we were sent out by a woman who said we couldn’t enter the Casino without flipflops. But my mom said that they were broken just a few meters before and they were in the Poubelle just outside, and she was going to buy new ones. She then was allowed in and we went straight to the flipflop part, where it was quite difficult to find the right ones. A few rows further we found ones which were “special offer” and even didn’t have the sharp plastic edges as many of the others. She put them on, and I carried the label which was needed at the counter. We went from one row to the other one to find something for the evening, but in the end we found what we wanted both: A big crop of fresh salad, fresh roma tomatoes, a Vinaigrette with olive oil and dried tomatoes, a bottle of Orangina and my mom found some local Poulet (chickenlegs) – and then the best: Fondant au Chocolat: Crispy/soggy chocolate on the outside, just like a Chocolate muffin, and molten chocolate on the inside.

We continued our walk back to the camping in a bit higher speed, and after we both took a shower, we prepared our food. My mom did cook the chicken legs and I prepared the salad, caesar salad, with the boiled eggs. the ham and cheese we brought from home plus some of the fresh Roma tomatoes. On top of that the Vinaigrette and uhm, before it was ready and on the table I ate quite a bit of it already. I didn’t feel like eating the chicken, as I preferred pasta, but when I had the first bit of “poulet au vin” I was convinced it was very nice, and I ate it as well as the rest of the salad. It was absolutely delicious!

And after that, even better: Sweet, soft, hot chocolate desert!

For tomorrow my mom suggested Moules or Crevettes, and I have no clue yet which one to take. She said it was going to rain tomorrow as well, but despite that we were still going to swim. I’m not so sure about that – yet. But we’ll see.

First, off to the football field and have some fun, then read until I fall sleep :)


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