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Corsica 2015 – overview

6:00 and the ship set on their “wake up” music. I immediately woke up my mom who, with a sleepy voice, said the ship wouldn’t be at Bastia before 7. So she fell asleep again and I then also nodded away again.
Around 6:45 we then heard the typical music playing and my mom was awake with a shock.

Outside we could just see a glimpse of Bastia and a vague image of a ship underneath a cloud that just covered the sunset.

She quickly packed everything and so did I, and after a quick toilet break we ran off to the parking deck. Which was, of course, still closed, but within a minute we could go through.

We had to crawl to our car, they were parked away from each other with less than 30cm. But we were lucky, as we were the last ones before the turnover lid just aside the door, so we could get in without too many issues.

And, holiday starts well with the Corsica Ferries sticker on the rear windscreen.

It was when my mom looked at the radio where she said “hmm, we might have a power/battery issue”.
So when the parkdeck started to sink and the cars in front of us were out, she tried to kickstart the Audi, but that didn’t work. Despite the usual “Republic of Handwavia”-handwaving of the people working there and my mom making a “cut off” handwave, they kept on handwaving, allbeit a bit more panicky. And then waving even more and higher. So when my mom opened the bonnet, they finally started to make the “stop” handwave and then 3 fat Corsica Ferries employees shoved the Audi up on the ramp and then we rolled down onto the harbor.

My mom kindly asked one of the people over there if they maybe had a powercable (why it was missing from our stuff she didn’t know), and then within minutes we got help and someone kickstarted the car. I was given some “thank you” money but both of the employees refused. Still, great service and really fast as well.

We then from the trafficjam on the roundabout and from there we took a shortcut – which exactly put us behind the car which we were in front of in the trafficjam coming off the ferry.

Once we went uphill behind Bastia we left behind almost all new arrivals. This was after I asked my mom to not go into the hills. But shortly after I forgot all about it. The view was amazing!

Within 10 kms we were above Bastia and we could see the lakes towards the “flat lands” down south on the east coast of Corsica. We also stopped because we saw a cat lying aside the road and my mom thought it was hit, as it looked really flat. But when I got out and approached, it ran away.

On top of this “pass” my mom explained that we were going from one side of the ‘finger’ of Corsica to the other side. As I had said I didn’t want to go over the narrow curvy roads, my mom said these roads were so much better than what she knew from 10 years ago.

And I actually liked the ride and views too.

After a little 2 hours of driving (stuck behind a very slow local Mini Cabrio!) and filled with landscapes partially grey, partially orange , from almost no vegetation till green oases with olive trees and wineyards we came by l’Ile Rousse.

A Moby ferry was waiting there, but it wasn’t as impressive as the Mega Smeralda from last year.

At 9:30 and 90km further we arrived at our first stop, camping Paduella. It’s close by the beach and it’s got comfortable camping places, so we can get used to the ‘camping side’ of life slowly again.

Within an hour we had our tent and seating/relaxing area ready and the car empty. The neighbours who just left kindly offered us a little box with their “leftovers” as they were about to go home, so we got a ‘startersset’ with olive oil, baking oil, balsamico vinegar, sugar, salt, pepper and such. My mom said “See, sharing is caring :)”
The best thing for me: a bottle with refreshing waterspray which I could use to cool down a bit.

All I wanted to do is go to the beach but my mom decided she needed a bit of relaxation time: Time for a coffee and something to eat :) But then we heard the firetrucks take off and within 15 minutes three firefigher planes came circling above the bay of Calvi to fetch water for a nearby bushfire (incendie). My mom got worried and asked me to look for ash raining down, but it stayed the way it was. Although the planes kept cycling for at least an hour, it got quiet after that. Meanwhile we’d finished our food and washing the dishes was up next, something we should do together.

So I went out to the football field to see if there were kids playing, but unfortunately I recognized one of last year’s french idiots, who really, really isn’t nice to play with. Then I went back to see if we already could go to the beach. But my mom still didn’t do anything about the dishes and said she’d waited for me. So I started to read a book, waiting till something would happen. Still nothing.

Some nice birds flew by and got really close. But my mom still didn’t do the washing. So after waiting a bit longer I understood and we finally did the washing together, and then we went to the beach.

Incendie en Balagne : 32 ha parcouru par le feu… von corse-matin

My mom had caught up with the local news and said there was a fire at the Balagne between Zilia and Muro, and that over a hundred people from the firedepartment were busy trying to fight the fire.

When we went to the beach, we took the track through the little forest, past the arboratrium de Calvi, which was unfortunately closed, and even the donkeys from last year were still there. The beach was crowded though, but we found a shady spot near the fence. Not much later the train drove by, on it’s way to Calvi.

We both jumped into the water and swam to the floating play-island, then I went in again with the air mattress and then my mom came in as well. We had a good splash around the yellow pilon and then returned to the beach. On the way back we saw 3 little white dots on the hills, snow from last winter. Last year there was so much more, but now only 3 little patches. Also we saw a blown over patch of thunderstorm which just left a wave of rain over the sharp, dark-grey mountains. When we got back we packed our bags to go back to the Camping.

My mom said she wanted to buy something for the evening at the Casino around the corner and first I didn’t want to go in, as it was kind of awkward walking around in swimming pants. So I put my shirt on and then we went in. I immediately remembered all the good stuff!
The Chocolate Fondant, the Creme Brulee, the Mousse de Canard, fresh fish and crevettes. And there was a lot of local Corsica stuff one could buy. And chips! And chocolate! I got so huungry! But my mom said that we had chips and we could always go back another day. We didn’t have that much hands free to carry stuff either. So with a prize winning wine, a Mousse de Canard, some lovely creme brulee desert and a local Saucisson de Porc we left the Casino.
Outside they were playing Jeux de Boules and I really wanted to watch. But my mom wanted to move on so when we were back at the camping. We both noticed that something had gone missing from the box of stuff we’ve gotten from the neighbours and that didn’t feel very well.
I went over the football field again and this time I recognized someone from last year who was really nice.

We ate the “traditional” Ravioli on the first night of camping, my mom got a can which was supposed to be “diavolo”, also extra hot. But this was the German “hot” so it tasted like sweet paprikas. And as I was very hungry I also ate the leftovers my mom left on her plate, although she said she wasn’t finished yet. And then we ate the desert, creme brulee, which didn’t taste like I expected, but still I ate 2 of them.

Then I kind of fell over, asleep, and I got my book to read and a light. At 22h I felt very sleepy, but half an hour, when my mom came into the tent I was kind of awake again, got rolled back to the location where I was supposed to sleep, reorganized my sleeping bag and fell asleep

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Corsica 2015 – overview


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