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WordPress, via Android, from Google

and a bit of WordPress as well ofcourse. This is written via the WordPress app for Android and I am very pleased with the interface.
It allows you to update a private wordpress blog as well as one hosted on itself. For the last option they even offer statistics. Multiple WordPress sites/accounts are possible too.
You can modify and create new blogentries with a single click.

The posting area has got all the necessary layout options, from bold, italic; underlined and strikethrough. They’re also WYSIWYG.

Links, b-quotes are also possible, next to an option to upload media.

Ofcourse there are the options for tags and categories.

The publishing settings (publish, draft, pending review and private) with the option to set the date make the GUI complete and easy to use.

For the lazy ones: add a startup launcher to your wall: quickpress. It starts up a “new post” for whenever you feel like writing one.

Have fun!

Posted from WordPress for Android


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