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Refreshing Mint Syrup – self made!

This afternoon I stumbled over a recipe of one of my favorite drinks: Mint Syrup.
Source: Stadtdruide

As I have this growing on my balcony and in the garden I decided to give it a try.

What you need:
– Mint leaves
– Sugar
– Pimer/Blender
– More sugar
– Water
– A jar or bottle to put it in
– A filter and filter paper – or a fine towel.

Collect about 2 big hands full of leaves and clean them well with cold water.
Due to the strong taste not many insects will like them though, but there are some little ones that like these leaves.

– Add 200 grams of sugar (I’m going to try cane sugar next time, white sugar isn’t my favorite)
– Use the pimer to mix it up into a liquid mass

– Now add 250ml of water and another 300gr of sugar and let it boil shortly in a pan. Maximum 3 minutes. The shorter it boils, the more green the liquid will be. Let it cool down a bit.

– Either use a cloth/fine mazed towel (recommended) or a coffee filter to poor it into a bottle or a jar.

The end result will amaze you, it’s a lot healthier than the regular mint syrups available, and it’s very easy to make!


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