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Meteorite hits (or burns out) over southern Europe on March 15th

Just in between the earthquakes here; we also had a meteorite plunging towards earth. Unfortunately I didn’t see it, but my colleague did while he was fiddling with his bike outside. He mentioned he was stunned by the green light, the flashing, thought it was fireworks, then realized it was going way to slow.
Here are some recordings from dashcams which he recognized immediately; the colour and the flickering. Reports also say there was a bang, which could indicate the meteorite hit earth (but I presume the bang was because it fragmented above, visible in some of the videos).

From Tirol, Austria

From Mannheim, Germany

The New Millenium Observatory cam near Ulm, Germany

And via Spaceweather some beautiful images from the leftovers; including a curly tail:

Courtesy: Taken by Hans Hopf on March 15, 2015 near Bamberg, Bavaria, Germany

If you have seen this meteorite, please bring it back to it’s rightful owner. Or, maybe better; report it here:

And if you do not know the difference between a asteroid, comet, meteoroid, meteor or meteorite, check this blogpost



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