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And the Darmstädter Erdbeben / earthquake swarm continues ..

Yesterday night, 15/03/2015 at around 04:08 we got struck by a M2.7 earthquake in Darmstadt, which I kindly enough received next morning via twitter as a reminder:

With the initial numbers, it looked like the epicenter was only 4km away:

However, after correction the epicenter returned to where we could expect this to happen: Mühltal again, a part of Nieder-Beerbach, just over the first ridge pushed up by the Rheingraben, on the edge of the yellow, pink and green areas:

No, I didn’t feel anything as I was vast asleep. Many people did feel it though, even woke up, and logged their responses via @JuskisErdbeben.

image via

based upon the ‘eye’witness reports, collected by Jens Skapski & Lukas Rentz for, the area where the quake was felt could be narrowed down pretty precise. My colleague who lives exactly at the epicenter did wake up and was not very pleased though with yet another earthquake.

On the WBB-Seismometer from the HED (Hessischen Erdbebendienstes), located in Darmstadt for the HLUG (Hessischen Landesamt für Umwelt und Geologie), it did look quite impressive:

And even here the little aftershock is visible well, about 15 minutes later.

As I already predicted a friend last week: It has been too quiet since November. I saw little peaks in the seismograph already last week, which could lead up to something bigger again. And thus it did. Probably it decided it wasn’t finished yet, as on the 16th in the morning another quake was registered:

This one I did feel but I didn’t realize it was another earthquake, I thought it was just someone slamming the door.

What surprised me once again is that one can hear an earthquake. Not the sound of the building and furniture that moves, but the actual quake itself sounds over here frequently like a bang, sometimes starting with a loud roar (this can be heard in this video:

Earthquake (Erdbeben): Darmstadt, Hessen, Germany – 17.05.2014 from Mark Paul Abare, Jr. on Vimeo.

I read from some sources that gas was being released just before, during and after the earthquake, which makes sense. All we would need is just a few more places where this can be measured.

Here are the current recent earthquakes near Darmstadt until now:

* Earthquake near Darmstadt, March 30th (M3.2),
* Earthquake near Darmstadt, May 17th (M4.1)
* Earthquake near Darmstadt, June 8th 2014 (M3.3)
* Earthquake near Darmstadt, September 19th 2014 (M2.6)
* Earthquake near Darmstadt, October 29th 2014 (M3.6)

Which all adds up to the list of earthquakes here. It is still not getting less intense, less frequent:

Maps from top to bottom showing the amount and magnitude of earthquakes near Mühltal / Darmstadt since
– 2002 – 2015 (now)
– 2012 – 2015 (now)
– 2014 – 2015 (now)

And, in case you’re interested what happens right now: Live seismograph from WBB – Hessische Earthquake Service in Darmstadt:


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