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Another strong earthquake: We’re on the move?

Well, something had a good wobble about 2 hours ago.
I first noticed it via the Darmstädter Seismograph image in my blogpost which showed the same around Wiesbaden.

Then I checked the charts on the Icelandic Meteorological Office​ and they were showing the same bump.

Finally figured out via USGS that it was an earthquake with M7.1 around the Northern Mid-Atlantic Ridge; at 52.669°N 31.924°W with a depth of 13.8 km

From the USGS Website:
Tectonic Summary
The February 13, 2015 M 7.1 Northern Mid-Atlantic Ridge earthquake occurred as the result of right-lateral strike-slip faulting on or near a transform fault forming part of the North America:Eurasia plate boundary. At the latitude of this earthquake, the North America plate moves approximately westward at a rate of 21 mm/yr with respect to Eurasia. The preliminary location and mechanism of the earthquake are consistent with its occurrence on the Charlie-Gibbs Transform (the seismically active section of the Charlie-Gibbs Fracture Zone), though more detailed analyses of the event will be required to definitively determine the causative structure.

Not bad that that one is caught by the local seismographs here.
But then, “we” are on the move; with rare earthquakes in England recently, I wonder where we’re going to.

Or is it what I heard recently: “Due to human intervention, the earth is lacking oil in it’s top layers, causing higher friction, less oiled movements of the plates and thus stronger earthquakes” ?


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