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And on the 3rd day of Christmas, it will snow!

We had to wait for the day after Christmas to get some snow. But when the snowstorm hit us, it hit us well. And, even better, the day after the weather was sunny and we felt like we were on holiday. Oh, well, it’s just our backyard. We’re spoiled :)

As always, we disappeared with the Quattro in the Odenwald, to go to the Neunkirchner Höhe, our favorite place to go sledging.

Here are some impressions of the trip and the view from the 530m high hill (slope down to 470m, doesn’t sound like much, but speed and the walk back uphill will tell you different after a few walks)

The trip already showed some lovely wintery views, difficult to keep your eyes on the road when there are so many beautiful views around you.

Arriving at the hill with the yellow church. Just 1, not 9 :)

The Höhenhaus Odenwald, too crowded when we went there, so we went down to the Stammhaus “Zur Linde” instead for a soup and some hot chocolate.

Lots of families and friends having fun; it was cold due to the wind, but it was lovely!

In the far background Schloss Lichtenberg is visible.

Going back uphill is quite a walk, it’s steep, and the best way to walk is where most people come down on sledges as well.

And then we lost Jr. He decided to go in the bit with most snow. What doesn’t help well with sledging, because you get stuck. Quite a lot stuck.

So the next track was a bit better to ride; short, steep and with a nice hill for acceleration

Thus lots of fun; and less tiresome going back again.

Back on the way up, to eat something warm and relax a bit

View on endless fields of white.

To almost get stuck on the Schneeverwehungen – it’s too bad to have a lowered Audi Quattro ;) But we got home safe, cold but undamaged :)


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