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A M3.6 earthquake near Darmstadt: It’s getting boring

And yet another earthquake near Darmstadt, Germany, a Magnitude 3.6 (average)

And how it looked like on the scales:

At least, that’s what a few of the reports say. What surprised me most were the differences in magnitudes being reported though.

Here’s what the different stations and websites report (corrections not included):

M3.4 Landesamt für Geologie und Bergbau Rheinland-Pfalz – Erdbebendienst Südwest
M3.4 Volcano Discovery
M3.4 LGRB Baden-Württemberg Erdbebendienst Südwest
M3.6 Earthquake Report
M3.6 Seismologische Zentralobservatorium (SZGRF)
M3.7 European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre (EMSC)

Strangely enough nothing on USGS so I reported it there.

Quake Description:
While sitting at the table with 3 people; all of a sudden the windows started to tremble, the ones to the east at first, it seemed to come from that direction. The table vibrated together with the whole house. A noise was heard, the same as before: like a massive truck filled with sand drove on a cobblestone street underneath. Unlike the last one this was a big ‘wave’ at once; without much before or after. Other reports had said that it has been shaking for a minute, but that wasn’t the case here. Nothing fell over, trembling visible in glass with liquid and everyone reacted to it. Strangely enough it felt a lot stronger than the 3.2 last time, because the time to reach the ‘trembling peak’ was shorter.
Date/Time: 2014.10.29 / October 29th 2014, 18:24 local time (17:24CET)
Initially guessed Magnitude: 3.2
Distance to epicenter: about 7.5 km.
Damage: More cracks in the walls..

The local news reports can be found here

Meanwhile, on twitter: 2nd tweet on the twitter-timeline referring to #darmstadt and #erdbeben which later got trending.

Further reports:
29.Oktober: Zweitstärkstes Erdbeben des Jahres erschüttert Raum Darmstadt – Leichte Schäden in Nieder-Beerbach via @LukasRentz

OP Online: “Erdbeben in Südhessen erschreckt Bürger”
Darmstädter Tagblatt: “Erdbeben bei Eberstadt – “Hat ganz schön gewackelt””
FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung : “Wieder Erdbeben in Südhessen”
Echo Online: “Erdbeben mit Stärke von 3,7 erschüttert Südhessen”
hr-online: “Knall, Erschütterung, schwingender Boden” via @hronline
FFH Regional: “Erdbeben in Darmstadt” via @FFHRegional
Morgenweb : “Südhessen: Bürger wegen Erdbeben verunsichert” “Erde in Südhessen bebt wieder: Wände wackeln, Gläser klirren”

And here are some old posts about previous earthquakes near Darmstadt:

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More earthquakes around Darmstadt, Hesse, Germany to expect? Yes.

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