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1-2-3 Ruf die Polizei

.. and sometimes you don’t even have to call them, they’re already there. Worse; they’ve already seen you. And you even haven’t seen them yet. Uhoh!

    What to look out for here in Germany?

On the roads here I’ve already spotted quite some obvious and not so obvious hidden “Bullen” as they call them here.


On the Autobahn they tend to drive around in the latest BMW 5 series. Their problem is however the small shark fin antenna on these BMW’s, they can’t possible stream loads of date through that little thing. So they’ve got an additional antenna next to it.

This one all of a sudden entered the Autobahn behind a bridge, via a so called service road, without any indicators and way below the average speed on the Autobahn itself they swirled over the lines and then slowly moved up again.
I first thought “typical BMW drivers” until I noticed the additional antenna :)

    In town

Well hidden from upcoming traffic, or just

being just a bit too obvious car with a too obvious color on a weird parking place – maybe they should just have an old white van, of which everyone expects it that it’s parked there.

From the first setup, most of the times they’ve got multiple cars driving around which are informed by the stationary police, so one way or another way you’ll be put aside.

This obstacle was hidden pretty well against the similar colored background, however, the person using it revealed his position with honking when I took the pictures. And yes, I got the warning finger and a grin – we know each other and share a lot of information ;)

Sometimes they’re obviously parked on the wrong place – or in a wrong way. If they can park there without an additional warning sign, why can’t I?

One of the questions I’ve asked “my” local police – and he couldn’t come up with a proper answer ;)

My all time favorite however is this one.

Well hidden behind the bushes whenever a car came close to his speedcheck camera..

But probably to regulations he had to protect himself by the cones so it was more than obvious there was something going on there.
I wonder how many he ‘caught’ during that day. It was a good laugh for me though watching it happening.

More can be found here in this album – obviously more dutch pictures as they have a lot more regulations there.


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