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And yet another earthquake at Darmstadt: M2.6

Although we had a short discussion what it exactly was, I kind of knew it was yet another one and guessed it was around M2.5

Then, on Twitter, the first reactions and discussions, some people nearby didn’t feel it, some did.

Also at work some people were aware of it, some weren’t. Only a few recognized it as an earthquake, and that were also the ones I’d discussed the increase of earthquakes nearby with. Most people didn’t notice, a few remembered they had heard a big bang or a rumble, but didn’t feel it.

After a while the first reports come out:

map via Landesamt für Geologie und Bergbau Rheinland Pfalz:

20140919 Earthquake map Darmstadt, Germany

First indication (now updated) via EMSC-CSEM : M 2.5 – GERMANY – 2014-09-19 11:11:47 UTC
Magnitude M 2.6
Date time 2014-09-19 11:11:47.9 UTC
Location 50.04 N ; 8.62 E
Depth 10 km

Report from Landesamt für Geologie, Rohstoffe und Bergbau Baden-Württemberg :


ERDBEBEN BEI : Darmstadt−West/Germany
DATUM/UHRZEIT : am 19.09.2014 um 13:11 MESZ
STÄRKE : 2.5 (Magnitude auf der Richter−Skala)
EPIZENTRUM : 49 Grad 53 Minuten Nord und 8 Grad 35 Minuten Ost
HERDTIEFE : nicht ermittelt
Diese Meldung wurde automatisch erstellt und ist noch nicht überprüft.
Die Nachricht wurde erstellt am 19.09.2014 um 13:17 MESZ.

Which shows a nice graph:

Earthquake Erdbeben Darmstadt 19. September 2014

Source parameters provided by:
Landsamt für Geologie, Rohstoffe und Bergbau — Baden Wuerttemberg, Germany (LED)

This time pretty much the same as last times:
A short, 3 second quickly louder becoming low rumble, then the building had a fierce trembling. Chair vibrated along. Other people in same room also noticed but discussed if this was from a construction area nearby.

Interestingly enough, after a discussion with a colleague about the earth being clearly in move these days, I made a little graph of the recent local earthquakes around Darmstadt, then zooming in on the recent ones. The numbers are a bit scary, as well as the graph:

Earthquake history darmstadt

So, when I wrote my blog More earthquakes around Darmstadt, Hesse, Germany to expect? Yes I guess I was assuming right. Not sure if this is going to be a fun ride though.

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