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Corsica day 19 – Perseids Floyd

This morning we both somehow succeeded to wake up at way past 10, so we had to go to the Spar nearby to fetch our breakfast. My mom took my favorite Mousse de Canard au Port and we both bought cards to be sent out. But so many cards were quite tiresome, so I suggested I should just put the names on there and put then in the mailboxes when we were home. My mom didn’t agree on that one though. After I finished breakfast my mom said she would get the bread and drinks ready and I disappeared with the surfboard and rest towards the beach. Not much later my mom pulled me out again for the usual ritual of the “anti sunburn dance” and I could go back again.
My mom came over as well into the sea with bodyboard and flippers and we had a swim together to the other beach. It was not as ‘wavy’ as the days before, but still there were some nice waves. When we got closer to the other beach my mom approached the rocks there and showed how close we could get with bodyboard thanks to the flippers. It’s all a matter of rhythm and doing the right things at the right moment, but you only get there if you do it and practice it.
While my mom swam back the whole way I went over the rocks in front of the hotel and there were some nice discoveries in there, like soft, small sand for instance, not the little stones we got furhter at our beach. We were going back at the same pace and then I jumped into the water again and we both swam towards the little boat which was in the water there. My mom showed me where it was safest to be amongst boats when they are moving or in the water. Then I decided to swim back all the way and after I ate something I was back in the water again for an hour. My mom said I should be back at 18h and reserve a table at the little restaurant again, but I kind of forgot the time again and dove off with my friend for a while longer.
But when she said I could get bread instead as well I was back real quick and I went up to the restaurant to order a table for two with sea view at 19:30. We went back to the camping to pack a bit, clean a bit and then back to the restaurant again. But then I found out that the woman had understood 9:30 so we were 2 hours early. And we didn’t get a place at the beach either. But still it was good enough. After I had a stroll through the whole menu card i decided I did want to get moules a la diane with Pommes Frites and then my mom quickly taught me how to ask for desert of at least the card for desert. When the woman came by she got my order for a Tarte Fine avec Pommes, Caramel et Sauce de Vanille, something I had never tried before. But if you never try something new then you won’t ever get to find out something new either and you will never find out if you like that or not.
The jazz music which was playing I really liked but then the band started to gear and warm up next door at the hotel and that was just not going well together with the music from the restaurant. But they fixed that soon, the band was quiet again after the soundcheck and I could enjoy the jazzmusic again. It got more and more crowded at the restaurant and at one time my mom got up and me too, then the owner of the restaurant said “thank you” as he walked buy guiding 2 new people to our table.
We quickly paid but my mom didn’t want to leave, as there was the perseid shower going on. So we went via the bar down to the beach again and we got to watch the stars. I could not resist though and had to get wet feet. What I didn’t realize was that the waves were a lot higher and I couldn’t really see them well so I got back with wet pants. We then laid down on the rocks with our feet in the sand, being overwhelmed with pretty good music (my mom said it was Dire Straits and Pink Floyd) and I have seen 4 meteroids flying by from the Perseids meteor shower. We also saw 2 satellites, one going west and one going east, and then the moon did rise, it was a very spectacular view how quickly it got up. But also the stars were very nice and very bright and it was fun to see that e.g. Orion had completely disappeared under the horizon and Scorpius was just in front of us over Belvedere Campomoro at the other side of the bay.
When we got back up to the bar again the music was playing nice and we decided to listen to a few songs. I really liked the drummer who was a woman and my mom said she was completely lost in the moment in the music and it seemed like she hit everything at the right moment. And she could play really fast as well. When we went my mom said I should walk up to her and say thank you or similar but I was too shy. But after a while I did dare and I walked up and said that she played really good, which she actually did. My mom said she was shining from the moment I said that. Maybe one day I should learn to play drums as well but my mom doesn’t think it’s a very good idea though. Not much later after I hit the pillow I was asleep. We were still in doubt though to either drive back or go and stay a few days longer near the sea.



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