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Corsica day 18 – Deutschland Eck

This morning, well, morning? I slept till past 10 AM and then all of a sudden woke up and needed a sprint to the toilet buildings. What my mom taught me about drinking at least 1.5L per day has a disadvantage and it’s not a good thing to wake up that early to do what nature asks you. Anyway, when I got back at the tent my mom sent me back to clean up some dishes from last night because breakfast was waiting for me since an hour. I totally missed when the Boulanger came by?
Not much later we had our breakfast and when we finished our default Pain au Chocolat and Croissants with Lait Sucre the camp owner walked by with new guests and they were all german! So I went crazy and said that we had “Deutschland Eck” again, we were surrounded by Germans! And hey all had a Muenchener licenseplate. My mom found out later that one half of them was from Hessen these days as well and the M licenseplate was just a rental, and their son was studying in Darmstadt as well.
But then my mom said I had to fullfill my daily duties and she would do the washing. So by the time I was ready sorting out my clothes that needed to be done quite a pile was waiting. But that didn’t matter, I only had to do the dishes and such, so when I came back my mom had just finished tidying up and I was ready to go to the beach. So I went there all by myself and this time the waves were just great, I spent a long while having fun there. I also met another german boy with red hair who came her every year and we both had fun going crazy in the waves. After a while my mom came by and she said she would go shopping. We needed something for tonight to eat but she couldn’t see any more pasta, so she wanted to look for something else. I said I wanted to eat Pasta though and if that wasn’t available I wanted to eat bread with Mousse de Canard. So when my mom came back after a while I got pasta and mousse de canard on bread. Shortly after I disappeared in the waves again which were even bigger than before and I really really liked it. My mom went swimming with my bodyboard and then had a quick walk to take some pictures. She came back saying that the Corsica Ferries seemed to be at the harbor of Propriano and also the Moby, next to it. Anad also a catamaran had fallen over due to the wind and the people had problems to get it back on it’s feet again, but they succeeded after a while.
Not long after, at least it felt like that, she came to pick me up and despite me protesting I realied that after 6 hours of non-stop swimming it might be a good idea to get a shower and eat some. So after my mom dragged me from my book again I ate some couscous and then after a while I disappeared in my bed with my book, ready to go for a good sleep. Tomorrow is packing day, because it was my idea to pack our stuff together on the day before we had to go and then when we had to go we only have to pack our tent and contents, and that’s it. We well leave the canu here though and that’s something I really don’t like. But my mom keeps on saying we’ve got a boat at home which is a lot more suitable and bigger as well. But I still like the canu. Maybe I can still sell it for eu 10,-.



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