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Dead roe deer

This message is written by Jr himself after he had seen a dead roe deer this evening next to the road. We stopped to have a quick look what happened to the roe deer. She was dead for about 15 minutes, she was still warm, so we put her a bit more away from the main road. Jr was so shocked about this that he decided to write a story about it. This is what he wrote.

Today I was very unhappy because I saw a dead Roe Deer. It lay near the road with blood (or so) out of his mouth.

After 6 minutes my mom saw glass on the street. The dead Roe Deer was still warm but later all of us, so my mom, her parents and me did nothing with it except worrying what happened with it. I felt so cross. I did not know what I should do.

Then my mom and I said “it happened. It is better than that it is hurt”.

So this night I did not talk. My mom and her dad talked about what happened. They said: “Maybe he was hit and did a few saltos backwards”.

The driver did not stop and I hope the driver will be sorry, he will get punished.
Well, please be sorry if you read it.

The Roe Deer was very light brown and had a black eye.

Written by Jr.

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The dead roe deer was found on the 2nd of June 2011 on the L3098 between Nieder-Beerbach & Ober-Beerbach; hit at around 21:00. The car must have lost his front lights and has some damage as the deer had open wounds on her shoulder. If you happen to see a damaged car, please do report to the police. If you own this car, I hope you do feel sorry and take the appropriate action.

Das tote Reh wurde am 2. Juni 2011 auf der L3098 zwischen Nieder-Beerbach und Ober-Beerbach gefunden, ist um ca. 21h angefahren. Das Auto muss seine Frontscheinwerfer verloren haben und hat einigen Schaden. Das Hirsch hatte offene Platzwunden an der Schulter. Wenn Sie zufällig ein beschädigtes Auto sehen, fragen Sie nach und melden Sie den Fall bei der Polizei.
Wenn Sie dieses Auto besitzen, nimm bitte entsprechende Maßnahmen und fahre nicht einfach weiter.


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