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Arabian stallion auction for Tibet & Pokupka, tortured horses.

As an owner of free horses – living in a herd in the fields instead of boxed up in a stable – there is just one thing more scary than horses escaping from the fields. That’s the idea that people come into the fields and either steal the horses or torture them.

This has recently happened to (Arabloving) friend who had her horses in a pasture near the river Lesse in Belgium. Apperantly some idiot did come into the field of her horses; and this is what he’s done to the arabian horses Tibet and Pokupka:

The lovely white mare Pokupka before she went to the fields:

and after she was found back:

The great stallion Tibet before he went to the fields:

And this is how he was found back:

The horses are currently in the veterinary clinicum and have undergone quite some surgery. They are doing well; where as the mare is doing better than the stallion. This all costs a lot of money, therefor actions have been started by other breeders to help out the owner of Tibet & Pokupka.

Donations can be made via Paypal: Link (via FaceBook): here

via the website from Tibet & Pokupka:

A letter from the owner:
Dear friends,

The balance of the account is 2656 € this morning. It’s fantastic and I know that some people will send a donation soon.

The horses are always in the intensive care service and the hospitalization will continue until the wounds will be closed, because of the bony risk. This will lengthen the duration of the stay in the clinic, without the costs for the exams and extra medical acts, the convalescence, etc. I’m terribly anxious for the perennity of my little breeding and the financial balance of my family, because many people think that the costs will exceed 12.000 € ! Tragically, I have no family who could help me, I’m alone for all payments.

But thanks to God, you are with me and I know that I can trust in you !

The "Solidarité Tibet - Pokupka" account :

IBAN : BE72 0635 1301 1716


Address of the bank : Dexia Banque - Place l'Ilon, 19 à 5000 NAMUR

My dutch friend Karin opened a Paypal account to ease the international transferts, here is the address :
She also coordinates the donations on the international and dutch forums. You can use this easier and free manner to help to save the life of Tibet and Pokupka !

All the management of the account is available for any person who wants to verify that the money is well used for the payment of the medical costs of the cares for both horses.
I’m so grateful, it’s also because of each one of you that all the cares are possible and that our live will continue without losing our balance or selling our horses. Many thanks to you !!

With all my frienship,


And as a generous gift many arabian horse breeders have decided to sell a “cover” from their stallion and donate the outcome to Tibet & Pokupka.

I’ve made a quick overview of the arabian stallions including pictures (when available), so you can see who’s in there. I hope I found all the right pictures and linked them to the right horses. Also the list grows on daily basis, I hope I can keep up. If not, just let me know! Also:
* all rights are with the owners of the pictures
* names are underneath the pictures
* click on the picture to get more information about the auction
* click on the horses name and it will show you his pedigree (and progeny)

Etalons Belges – Belgian stallions – Belgische Hengsten:

Tibet (Kubinec X Nikita / Narav Ibn Aswan)

Fardos Prince Rahotep(Yaout El Dahab X Raiza El Tuhotmos / Raquin RA)

Hab Gondarios (Klepholms Ikarios X Gondy / Mayghib) part arabe crème

Mimoun (Ibn Estopa Son X Orinda/ Hoekhorst Shiraz)

Mystic Dream J
Mystic Dream J (Extreme X Mysterious Lady J / Ekstern)

Absolut V(Valerio Ibn Eternity X MB Karika / Padrons Kadar)

Thee Fandango (Thee Desperado X Fatima Sharaf / Moniet El Sharaf)

Fahim Ibn Faleeh ( GR Faleeh X Fahiba / PAsha Farid)

Mambo (Khidar X JJ Aqina / Aquillo)

Kadar’s Echoo (Padrons Kadar X MB Fantasiaa / Krimson Fame)

Adriann El Bri
Adriann El Bri (CH El Brillo X LM Alisha / CWP Chances Are)

Antar Elamal WN
Antar Elamal WN (RSD Dark Victory X Ghary/ AF Garoto)

VY Samir
VY Samir (DM Karim X Larissia/ Pedant)

Kadar’s Tender Heart (Padrons Kadar X MB Fantasiaa/ Krimson Fame)

Absolut K (RA Fameous Design X Domitila K/ Donatello) part arabe pie

Gloriet Psyche (Padrons Psyche X Glorietta/ Arlet)

Etalons Français – French stallions – Franse hengsten:

Justy de Briera (WH Justice X Pineda / Piruet)

Hallim Ibn Mahalim (Mahalim Ibn Hallim X Aziniera de Gacia / Wanerath)

Tiro Al Oasis (Hiro X E Inca / Iranico)

Sinoan Waji El Rouhak (SAR Sharaf el Aswad X Rouhak / Robask Uranys)

TW GA Marwan (Marwan Al Shaqab X TW A Melody / JK Amadeus)

Sheman (SH Chauvenist X Voliska/ Warandes Plakat)

Djamil du By (Rios x Hathor du By / Negus)

Vadronn des Aubus ( shamilah Vassili X Lareva / Padrons Immage)

Imperial Alkareem (Imperial Al Kamar X Imperial Imtiarree / Ansata Imperial)

Ouragan des Flots (Hakeem Pasha X Nitemiste Serenage/ Serrenader)

IM Bayard Cathare (Padrons Immage X Shamilah Baghera / Nadir I)

Sen Misr ( Mahsran Bey X Marahina el Masri/ Tasallam)

Shamilah Love Story (Monitor X Lady Amie/ Padron)

Etalons Hollandais – Dutch stallions – Nederlandse hengsten:

ASE Myandour (Marajj X Dakharee / Dakar EL Jamaal)

MM Sultan (Kubay Kan X Alaska / Vatican)

ZA Perlamon (LM Perlamor X OA Mistica / El Moraduke)

Etalons Allemands – German stallions – Duitse hengsten:

Shameer (Sindibad x Waishiwa / Mohafez)

El Dimor (Diagram X El Dinari/ Euben)

Pelengs Psyche (Peleng X PR Tia Sangria / Padrons Psyche)

Gamil Salaam (Ansata El Salaam X El Thay Basra / El Thay Ibn Halim Shah)

El Faatin (Masir X Shams El Faanah /Farouk)

EH Jalin Bey (Bey Shy X Kaboutershoeve Jalina / Vatican)

all images belong to their owners



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