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Tour d’Erlensee

On a Fridayafternoon we decided to cycle around a little lake here in the neighbourhood: The Erlensee.

The Erlensee is an artificial lake nearby our house. The sand cut out of this area was used to build the Autobahn A5, nearby the lake. The dug out area quickly filled with very clean crystal clear water, and later on fish was brought in and settled quickly.

One of the most remarkable items around the Erlensee is the little island in the middle.

It is home to a group of canadian geese which return every year, every year with more family members though.

Furthermore there’s an “unsaid rule” that “FKK” (nudity) is allowed on the east side (which has got the longer sunbit in the evenings).

On the westside of the lake it’s the “Fischverein Bickenbach“‘s home, as well as the “Familienstrand” ; there is a bit of sand here to play on for kids. Or geese with kids.

Also other creatures can be found there:

a Greylag Goose:

to Jrs interest a dead frog with bones visible:
dead frog

And Jr was happy to see an alive roe deer, after last weeks’ experience:
roe deer

Around the whole lake there’s a small road forbidden for everything but pedestrians, so that’s why I know the road having been there on horseback with Jr on his bike ;)

On our way back we could see the magnificent Melibokus rising over the east horizon.

where as to the south the flat fields full of potatoes and other EHEC-free vegetables were growing. They used to grow the grass for the Frankfurter Footballclub here (Eintracht Frankfurt).

A bit further east the cornfields were glowing magically green under an orange sunset sky.

And then all of a sudden we had to run into the forest!

WIELEWAAL GOLDEN ORIOLE Oriolus oriolus All images copyright © Rein Hofman copyright © Rein Hofman

After weeks of hearing these beautiful bright big yellow birds with black wings and red beaks around us we finally saw one!! It crossed our path nearby our house; flying ca. 5. above and in front of us. As they prefer thick forests it disappeared quickly and we didn’t hear it anymore. Jr was stunned; it was his first golden oriole he had spotted. The second one for me.

Following the little stream back up to our house I noticed the wealth of fauna in a little corner.

In the northeast the Lufthansa Training and Conference Centre pops out over Seeheim. Almost home. Almost time for a nice evening on the balcony again :)


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